Championing the Interests of the App-Based Worker and
The Customers They Serve

Join us in transforming how platform workers earn and engage in the platform economy, while revolutionizing how platform consumers actively participate in this evolving landscape.

The Future of Work &
the Platform Economy

Over recent years, the future of work has emerged as a burning global issue. 

Undoubtedly, the forefront of recent conversations regarding the future of work largely revolves around the emergence of digital work/services platforms and the substantial transformation they’ve brought to the landscape of employment and the nature of work.

Digital work/services platforms empower consumers with affordable on-demand services while granting platform workers flexible opportunities to earn income, attain economic stability, gain autonomy over their schedules, and find fulfillment in their work. 

Yet, the prevailing business models embraced by numerous digital work/ service platforms, coupled with the varied experiences of platform workers in achieving their economic goals, have ignited fervent and persistent discussions regarding the merits and drawbacks of platform employment. 

Moreover, the regulation of platform work presents an ongoing quandary for policymakers, spanning both domestic and global spheres.

Failure to find solutions to ensure good platform work risks undermining the platform economy’s potential to grow responsibly and make an increasingly positive contribution in the lives of platform workers, consumers and the new economy.

At the heart of unlocking solutions lies the creation of technology-driven tools and methodologies that empower both platform workers and the consumers they serve.

At Gigafin, we’re passionate about the platform economy’s potential, but our true commitment lies in empowering both platform workers and the consumers they serve. 

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we strive to amplify platform workers’ influence over the nature of their work, opening doors to economic opportunities beyond the confines of the digital work/services platforms they work with. 

Simultaneously, we champion consumer autonomy, fostering diverse interactions between consumers and platform workers that yield optimal service outcomes and enriching experiences for consumers within the platform economy.


To emerge as a foremost and relied-upon provider of technology-driven tools and solutions that cater to both current and future needs of the platform economy workforce.


To serve as the catalyst for cultivating a robust online brand community centered around platform workers.

Our Vision


To equip platform customers with a deeply consumer-centric approach to fully embrace and reap the benefits of the platform economy.


To transform the platform economy from fostering ‘us-them’ dynamics to championing inclusive ‘we’ relationships.

Meet our core team

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Director

John W. Martin

Prior to becoming our chief executive officer, John was the principal of the Law Office of John W. Martin, a Los Angeles-based law firm founded in 1990 by John that specialized in intellectual property law, corporate law, state and federal securities law, mergers and acquisitions, the reorganization and recapitalization of public companies, and the organization and development of start-up companies operating in a variety of industries including on-demand labor platforms. 

Prior to forming the Law Office of John W. Martin, John was a Senior Associate in the corporate and securities group of the international law firm of Baker & McKenzie. John has served as a director of a Nasdaq-traded company, and has served on, or has advised, audit, compensation and nominating committees of boards of directors. John received his JD from the University of California, Davis, School of Law and his BA from Lake Forest College.

Chief of Staff, Chief Branding Officer

Kaelin N. Lau

Kaelin N. Lau is our Chief of Staff (COS) and Chief Branding Officer (CBO).  Kaelin joined us at the same time that John became our CEO. Kaelin has served as a founder and executive officer of two startup companies in the health and aesthetics mobile application and environmental sustainability spaces.

As our CBO, Kaelin has been principally responsible for the development and implementation of the Gigafin brand image and experience and developing plans to make sure that throughout the development cycle of our Gigafin brand, the brand maintains its intended relationship with our mobile application users.

At Gigafin, we embrace the promise of the platform economy. Yet, our true passion lies in leveraging technology's transformative power to reshape its current landscape.

Our vision is to utilize technology to empower platform workers with unparalleled control over the valuation and rewards of their labor, while granting platform customers substantial influence over service quality.

John Martin

CEO of Gigafin

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