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As a gig customer you can now:

Make your tips work harder for you

Earn rewards for your tipping activity

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Enhanced service outcomes

We know that not all of the gig workers you rely on provide you with the quality of service you desire. For the ones that do, it’s challenging to develop and maintain relationships for the service needs you may have in the future. So, what if we could:

Be rewarded for what you are already doing

We know that you often tip out of courtesy and politeness and without looking for any specific thing in return. But what if we would …

Gigafin is on its way

We are working hard every day to put Gigafin in your hands by the end of the year so that you will be able to receive tips directly into your very own digital wallet, connect with fellow workers, and obtain special rewards and perks.  Here’s our plan for 2023:


Building the Platform



February (2024)



Building the Platform



February (2024)


What is Gigafin?

A mobile application product that provides integrated digital solutions to financial, social, and other “every day” work-related problems experienced by the U.S. gig economy workforce while at the same time delivering an attractive and engaging mobile platform through which gig clients can make digital gratuity payments to the gig workers that they interact with, and through which gig clients can directly influence the quality of services that they receive from such gig workers.

What is Gigafin’s Vision?

To be the preeminent digital community serving the unique financial and social needs of the U.S. gig workforce while at the same time providing gig customers with a safe, secure and rewarding way in which to make digital payments to gig workers for their own particular benefit.

Is Gigafin for me?

If you are a regular user of gig services and are interested in getting the most out of your interactions with and the tips you pay to gig workers, then Gigafin will be a must-have mobile app for you.

What we’re preparing for you is

A new way to interact with the gig workers you rely on

Digital tips

Give tips directly to gig workers from your mobile phone


Establish and maintain direct communication with your preferred gig worker for special services


Receive rewards and benefits for something you already do – tip

If you are among the first 100

If you are among the first 100 people to sign up to receive updates from us. You will be entitled to receive a Gigafin Early Adopter Reward.